3-dimensional right ventricular volume assessment.


Jainandunsing JS, Matyal R, Shahul SS, Wang A, Woltersom B, Mahmood F. 3-dimensional right ventricular volume assessment. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 2013;27 (2) :367-75.

Date Published:

2013 Apr


PURPOSE: The purpose of this review was to evaluate new computer software available for 3-dimensional right ventricular (RV) volume estimation. DESCRIPTION: Based on 2-dimensional echocardiography, various algorithms have been used for RV volume estimation. These are complex, time-consuming techniques and are prone to significant error. The current clinical paradigm of RV volume assessment is based on the visual quantitative assessment of chamber size and the use of tricuspid annular and RV internal diameters as a surrogate measure of RV volume. Hence, there is a need for a practical method for the intraoperative assessment of RV volume. EVALUATION: The evaluation consists of an objective review of the capabilities of this software and its potential application in the operating room. The authors also performed a detailed review of the potential limitations and possible improvements. CONCLUSIONS: This new software has the potential to be incorporated into the existing workflow environment of the ultrasound systems in the future, making it clinically feasible to perform perioperative RV volume analysis.