Valve Analysis

We are investigating the differences that exist between normal and abnormal cardiac valves, specifically by using echocardiographic data to describe valvular morphology and dynamism over the cardiac cycle both qualitatively and quantitatively

One of our current focuses is a tricuspid annular analysis. We are examining the structural changes of the tricuspid annulus over the cardiac cycle. Our current methodology is being applied to both normal and abnormal annuli. We have also demonstrated the ability to prototype patient-specific annuli using CAD software and 3D printing.

Recent publications in this area include: 

Khurram Owais, MD, Charles E. Taylor, PhD, Luyang Jiang, MD, Kamal Khabbaz, MD, Mario Montealegre-Gallegos, MD, Robina Matyal, MD, Joseph H. Gorman III, MD, Robert C, Gorman, MD, Feroze Mahmood, MD. Tricuspid Annulus: A Three-Dimensional Deconstruction and Reconstruction. Ann Thorac Surg. 2014; 98:1536-43)